After a short break I am back at it

I never really take a break, but after the kitchen trials I decided to leave Shawn alone for awhile and just tackle small projects I can finish myself. This stairway project was one of them. It’s just a little paint but it makes a big impact:

But now I am ready to start on the upstairs. I would have liked to have started with the bathroom but that project was just too much for right now so, alas, my clawfoot tub will stay in the garage for a bit longer.

Now I will be starting with the spare bedroom. Sounds pretty easy, right? Wrong! The 3rd bedroom in our house is really just a glorified closet. I’m pretty sure it was a nursery in its day because there is an extra entryway to this room from a bedroom, presumably for easy access to the baby, and there is no actual closet in this room (I guess babies did not need closets).

If I am losing you at this point, suffice it to say the room is tiny and not suited for a bedroom in this day and age. Right next to this room is our attic access. Another tiny, and I mean TINY, room with a stairway to the attic. It is miserably hot and serves no purpose except to get to the even hotter attic.

Well, I’m sure you have guessed it by now, my easy spare bedroom redo will include tearing out the old attic access, replacing it with a pull-down stair, and then tearing out the wall between the rooms to enlarge it to one fully functioning spare bedroom/office. While we are at it we are replacing all the drywall and insulating this old house room by room.

Here is a picture of the new attic pull-down installed by my husband yesterday. (*Note the wall with the big stripe where the stairway was.*)

This morning he says, “Do you have anything going on today?” I resisted the urge to tell him I actually do work every day and just asked “why?” He hands over this tiny saw-like tool no bigger than a screw gun and says, “You could try and take down the wall.”

Oh no you didn’t! You did not just issue that challenge! Because ………..

Yep, done and done. Now you can start to see what will be a decent size bedroom. You will have to stay tuned for progress reports! Let the fun and games begin!

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