Another bathroom remodel

This bathroom was supposed to be a quick fix. Fix a few broke tiles, get a new vanity, and call it a day. As happens occasionally, the original tile was no longer available; I would need to replace the entire shower. Since the homeowner was hoping for a quick fix and the budget was set upon this expectation, I had to do a lot of scrambling to keep costs down as much as possible.

I already had tile on hand that was bought on sale so the total cost was about $400 for floor and wall tile. I repurposed an old night table and counter to save on the cost of the vanity and make up for the tile labor, and the faucet was $16 (Amazon).

There was nothing wrong with the toilet, medicine cabinet or light, as well as the glass partition, so all of that was re-used. And let me tell you there were a few scary moments getting that glass out and then getting it back in!

This is the before:

And this is the after:

Nancy Bradley photo

Nancy bradley

I consult, design, and remodel spaces that reflect the homeowner’s lifestyle and budget by getting the cost question out of the way and really listening to what my client wants and how much they have set aside for their project.