Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom and kitchen renovations are particularly messy and fraught with unforeseen issues. They are also the 2 rooms in your house that need to function well and you don’t want to be “out of commission” for very long.

So starts my journey…..

When we moved into our little four-square 2 years ago we gutted the kitchen, and although it is not quite done yet it functions well for us. My “issue” is that I cannot really finish the kitchen until I renovate the bathroom.

Let me explain. We have 2 bathrooms. One upstairs, the main bath, and one tiny bathroom downstairs that is, you guessed it, right off the kitchen. I HATE that the bathroom opens into the kitchen, I mean really HATE it. So I am going to change the entry to open into our tiny back hall which will require us to remove the shower in that bath and effectively make it a half bath.

Under normal circumstances this would not be advised. Everyone would rather have 2 full baths than a bath and a half; but in our home no one uses the shower downstairs anyway because, hey, no one wants to schlep through the kitchen and all the way upstairs in a towel to get dressed. Sooooo…that shower is going away but I can’t do that until we renovate the upstairs bath because I am sure we will need to shower at some point through this renovation process. Now that I got all that out I’ll let you in on a secret. That’s not even my dilemma, because I have a plan, and as long as I have a plan I am ok.

My dilemma is the upstairs bath. It’s large by 100-year-old house standards. It measures almost 9′ by 11′. I want a big, luxurious bath and I can do that OR I can try to fit two baths up there and make one a master bath suite. I have gone back and forth about this 10 times. Although I can make the dimensions work, it will not be a luxurious master bath suite and so every time I go in there I will have thoughts of what could have been. But if I do just one large bath am I hurting the value of my home?

I’ll be honest, I haven’t made up my mind yet but below you’ll see pictures of the space in question. It’s pink and positively begging for a gut job.  Stay tuned….

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Nancy bradley

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  1. Agreed you have quite a lot of space but according to me making a master bath suite does not really make sense, you could rather use the space for something else, or just rearrange and make the bathroom look bigger

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