Draperies and Soft Goods

I like to repurpose so reupholstering furniture is kinda my bag. That does not mean I can do this myself, so having at least 1 person I can call on when I need to is really important to me. Reupholstering is fast becoming a lost art, so when you find an upholsterer hang onto them with both arms. Same thing for seamstresses. This may be a harder sell since you can buy curtains at Target, Walmart, and dozens of other places on the cheap, but I can tell you one thing for sure, if you have specific needs (like I do) knowing someone who can take your fabric find and spin it into the perfect drapery is a priceless commodity.

So here’s the thing, I can sew a little. I am no seamstress and I curse a lot while sewing, and I mean a lot, but I can usually sew a drapery panel or a pillowcase and this is often all I need to do. But here’s the other thing, I hate sewing and it takes me forever to do it, so needless to say I have a healthy respect for a good seamstress. Whenever I get it in my head that I can do a good job and should just do it myself, I am reminded that she (in my case it’s Miss Dorthy) is an artist and worth every dime.

Below is my attempt today at draperies, they came out ok on my little Singer sewing machine. But of course it was not without a few curse words that would make a sailor blush.

Nancy Bradley photo

Nancy bradley

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