First-time Homeowner Mistakes

I would say that #2 and #5 can be the most costly and are so easily avoidable.

First with #2, just do your “due diligence.” Ask your realtor, you already have a relationship with him/her and they probably have a list of resources.

With #5, it’s super easy. Take a breath, don’t be in a rush. I know it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new home but living in it and seeing how you use each room before blindly marching into a renovation will save you tons of money later. And hire a designer! They can save you from many pitfalls that will inevitably come up.

7 Things All First-Time Homeowners Get Wrong—and How To Avoid Those Big Mistakes

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Nancy bradley

I consult, design, and remodel spaces that reflect the homeowner’s lifestyle and budget by getting the cost question out of the way and really listening to what my client wants and how much they have set aside for their project.