I love a bathroom challenge!

The most gratifying part of my job is fixing a “problem, mistake, issue.” When a client truly has a dilemma, I am always up for the challenge.

As with my “pink bathroom” post, this client also had a space issue. This time it was that the pedestal sink in the tiny bathroom actually protruded into the doorway. Don’t know how or why it happened but there it is and it needed fixing. As usual, I do not have a picture of the “before” since I got to the job after the offending sink was taken out, but here it is in all its glory on the front porch.

This beauty was 19″ deep so it really protruded into the doorway because as you can see below, I only had about 12″ to spare (10″ if you kept it behind the door trim). Easy peasy, right?

After searching high and low, I found a small cabinet on Facebook Marketplace and a wall-mount sink on eBay and I was off to the races! I had a vision and I was going to make it work.

This client also wanted to change all fixtures over to rubbed bronze so bought a new faucet, mirror, and light fixture as well.

This is how it turned out. Pretty happy with it myself.

We do need to replace trim and touch-up paint but the sink/vanity is in! Tucked away behind the door opening, all 13″ of it. My mom used to say there is a solution for everything, I tell my daughter, “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” However you’d like to look at at, I feel like there is always an answer out there, sometimes you have to compromise a little and sometimes it’s a lot more work than anticipated, but in the end, it’s enormously gratifying to figure it out, at least in my line of work it is.

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