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Better Homes and Gardens picks 6 “go-to” paint colors.

Everyone has an opinion but in this case, three of the colors that Better Homes and Gardens chose were colors I was already using so I wholeheartedly agree!

Forest greens have been on my radar for a couple years now and I have begged clients to use them but so far no takers. Creamy white is replacing the ever popular griege (thank god), and I love it. In fact, I am using it on our tiny house flip. Ditto on the earthy blues. I have darkened it quite a bit for my trim color with fantastic results. And lastly, the dark moody shade they reference, Dark Night by Sherwin Williams, was a contender for the exterior, but I think I will ultimately go with Naval for wider appeal.

So thank you, Better Homes and Gardens, for coming around to my way of thinking! The color ranges from creamy white to dark moody blues and greens should appeal to almost everyone, and remember: Paint is the easiest thing to change!

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