Not Your Ordinary Bathroom Remodel

No Gray Here!

With many of my clients, projects progress organically. That is exactly what happened here, the client started out with a little decor change in the living room, then moved on to paint and lighting replacement.

As we got to know each other and she began to trust me and the process she decided to take the plunge and remodel one of the strangest bathrooms I have ever seen. I can say this because the client bought the home with the bathroom like this. The previous owner remodeled it, and they definitely had their own style. That of course, was not the worst part. There were more than a couple things that were just not done right, plain and simple. Here are a few pictures of the before:

We had our work cut out for us. The list of improvements were: new shower enclosure, new floor, new vanity, move the toilet, new paint, new lighting, new fan and new mirror. Basically a complete gut of the space. And because the toilet was being moved, the vanity had to be shrunk to accommodate this, so we had to move plumbing.

Not to be outdone, the shower also presented its own set of problems. Because we were keeping the glass block window, we needed to think outside the box, (or outside the window in this case) to make the shower work. Small bathrooms always have unique issues and this one was special indeed!

The client also did not want to go with a cookie-cutter, white tile, gray walls aesthetic. They wanted a warmer tone on the walls and floor to match the antique bronze fixtures that were chosen and they wanted a style that matched the age of this cute bungalow .

What do you think?

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Nancy bradley

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