One-week living room remodel

This was a living room remodel that did not involve too much construction, just a little work on the floor as well as refacing the fireplace. The homeowner did the bulk of the work on the floor and then helped with the fireplace refacing to save on labor cost.

This is an odd-shaped room with a column almost in the middle of the room. It is one of those houses in a summer community that is now being used a year-round residence and, therefore, is kind of funky, and I am being kind. Of course, it also has a lot of charm and the good definitely outweighs the bad in this cliff-side tree house.

Before:  brick fireplace on a diagonal wall, dark green walls, pellet stove in front of the firebox, and a beautiful column in front of the fireplace.

After: brightened up the walls with a sunny yellow, all new furniture and textiles, refaced the fireplace giving them stacked stone and a mantle and eliminating the “wall of brick” (they later found a new pellet stove that could be inserted into the firebox), got rid of the old hearth and installed a new bluestone hearth, and sanded down the column as well as the beam to give it a lighter (beachier) feel.

This was all done for around $4000. Many of the items were bought on line but a few were antique store finds including the coffee table. The kitchen table we found at Goodwill! The curtains were custom made (by me) and we reused the barstools in their kitchen.

Nancy Bradley photo

Nancy bradley

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