Color of the Year: Greenery

No, this is not a post about your landscape or houseplants. This is about paint color.

“Color forecasters at the Pantone Color Institute have declared “Greenery” as next year’s color of the year.”

Yes, there is a color of the year; it is picked by the Pantone Color Institute. This year it is green, but not just any green:

The company describes it as “a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew.”

Pantone’s team around the world typically spends the year studying trends in fashion, consumer products, social media and technology. It looks for influences that best describe the current mood of society and picks a color to reflect those elements.

I look forward to the color announcement each year the same way some people look forward to the Oscars or the Super Bowl. I find it interesting the way they study the current mood of society and what is going on in the world and then boil it down to a color. Seems odd to some people but to me color is so central to what I do and who I am that it makes sense that this announcement would impact me.

So this year it is a new and vibrant green, last year it was baby blue and pink, not my favorites, but green is so fresh and so universal, who wouldn’t love it. You see it everywhere. Just go outside and your immersed in it (unless you live in the desert).

I am thrilled with their pick this year, not just because I really do love green, any shade of green, but because it symbolizes a new beginning. Fresh and new, and like spring it brings beauty and hope. What more could you ask for in a color.

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Nancy bradley

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