Spring is right around the corner

And with spring comes my favorite time of year, flea market, craft/art fair, and yard sale season! I love exploring flea markets for antiques and vintage items and yard sales for the occasional diamond in the rough or bargain of the century. Oftentimes I transform these items into repurposed artwork that I sell at craft fairs.

I’ve been known to take apart pallets to make signs, tables, shelves, and paintings. I’ve taken old yard tools and repurposed them into table legs, old fencing to make benches, and mason jars to make pendant lights. I enjoy recycling. I really enjoy “making something out of nothing,” or to be more accurate, making something out of things that would have been thrown away.

These are a few shabby chic signs made from pallets:

And this is a repurposed bench. My husband took down a fence and found that some of the fence posts were already repurposed from old military crates, so this will be their third life!

Yard sales, flea markets, and craft fairs are a wonderful way to get outside, save a few things from the trash heap and meet your local artisans as well as neighbors and people like-minded about recycling and reusing instead of adding to the overwhelming amount of waste already impacting our environment.

Nancy Bradley photo

Nancy bradley

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