Textile art

I’ve ventured into textile art! Necessity is the mother of invention and as usual, this is what happened when I was looking for artwork for a client. The request was for a large painting for the dining room and possibly a smaller art piece (or pieces) for another wall in the same dining room.

I did not want to add a small painting and detract from the major work so I was in search of artwork that was outside of your typical painting that would also add some texture to the room since it did not have draperies.

I was thinking metal art and then ran across some textile woven wall hangings. The ones I really liked were either unavailable or outrageously priced so I decided to make a loom (my first mistake) and get some yarn (not as easy as it sounds) and give it a try with the aid of YouTube videos.


Although I have a lot to learn, I think my first attempt came out pretty nice. And although my husband’s comment of “Isn’t this a little outside your area of expertise?” was met with my daughter’s eye-rolling, I have decided to continue and get myself a “real” loom and see if that helps the process.

As far as the learning here……I would say: (1) always give it a try! You never know what hidden talents you’ll uncover; and (2) make sure when placing art in a room you look for pieces that compliment each other without detracting from the overall look you are trying to achieve.

If you want a huge statement piece in a room do not place a bunch of smaller similar works around it that will take your eye away from it. Use different mediums and do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

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