The Struggle is Real

Here is an update on our Smurf house

In the last post I gave a brief synopsis of the issues we have already come across and although none of that has changed, those issues have expanded a bit. It seems when you open walls, you inevitably find issues, but those issues have extended much further than expected so there has been quite a bit of frustration.

Unfortunately even though we inspected the home, we could not open walls, and we were told the home did not have these kinds of issues. Truth be told the original homeowner probably did not know himself, and that’s the chance you take.

So what are we working on now? We decided to replace all the windows and thus we found a lot of rot in places where there was water getting in. Okay, fine, we will deal with that. We also found that some of that rot extended far beyond the window framing and specifically onto the porch addition where it was not shingled properly. Alright, now it’s getting aggravating…….and costly. These issues by themselves are fixable but it’s starting to add up fast. And this was all after the bathroom fiasco pictured below.

Here are a few pics of the one step forward 2 steps back, up and down progress we think we are making. And if that sounds confusing, it’s because it is.

Nancy Bradley photo

Nancy bradley

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