Trends, tricks and treats

I read a lot of renovation, remodeling, and home improvement articles. I inevitably find  things I LOVE and ideas that make me scratch my head in confusion. This is a super short list of my top trends, tricks and treats.

TRENDS:  Walls! Yes, walls are back. I’m not going to proclaim that “open-concept” floor plans have gone away but with the shifting of how families work and play inside their homes due to the pandemic, partitioned spaces have gained some respect again. Many of us are now working from home, many students are also being schooled online.

One big open space does not always work well in this situation. Mom or Dad may need a private space to work or zoom. Kids also need a space that is separate from their bedroom to work, so many people are realizing that the open-concept space that was perfect a year ago does not work well now.

TRICKS:  These are just a couple of ideas that have come across my desk recently that I really dig.

Shower curtains. I have never been a big fan but they are really inexpensive and when you get to the end of a bathroom renovation and you have run out of money, (there are always budget busters in a bathroom) then a shower curtain is a great permanent or temporary solution. Here is the trick to make it look a little more sophisticated: Use real curtains and hang it as close to the ceiling as possible to give some drama to the room.

Bedside hanging lamps. Everyone needs a bedside lamp but not everyone has room for that. Hanging a lamp from the ceiling or mounting it on the wall rather than placing it on the bedside table is a great solution to help free up space or just to keep the tabletop clean. Typically, it is not a huge expense to have an electrician install an electrical box in the ceiling because outlets are usually right there to run a wire from, but if you don’t want to involve a professional, you can buy a plug-in type and run the plug wire down the wall as shown below.

Sheet vinyl. I know what you are thinking but just like laminate has come a long way since your parents’ day, so has sheet vinyl. I’m not saying I would run it throughout my house, but it is perfect for a laundry room, screened porch, mudroom, or whatever. It comes in a variety of styles and patterns and can be found at most major home stores like Home Depot.

TREATS:  You don’t have to break into the savings to give your home a little update. When I need a change of scenery I often paint, it’s a cheap way to completely change a room. If you don’t want to put that much effort in, here are a few ways to make a change that is quick and easy.

Pillows! Pillows can change the look of a room. Whether you make new pillow covers yourself or buy new pillows, whether it’s for the living room or bedroom, it doesn’t matter. A new color palette can refresh a space.

Move around your artwork. You don’t necessarily have to buy new art, you can just move your wall art around to create a new vibe.

Change the hardware on your cabinets. This isn’t just for your kitchen cabinets, you can change drawer pulls and knobs on dressers, sideboards, bookcases or whatever has hardware on it.

A good cleaning! Deep cleaning can do wonders to make you feel refreshed. Hire a professional for just a single deep cleaning, you know, the kind of cleaning that gets the windows, baseboards, and refrigerator cleaned. It’s not as expensive as you think and if you are like me, it will be well worth it.

So there you go…….just a few ideas to help you make it through the end of 2020. Your home is more important than ever during these crazy times. It is your safe haven, your home, work and play space. If it needs some love, give it some love. I’m sure it will pay you back in the end.

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Nancy bradley

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