While the major renovations are being done

I am freshening up a few other rooms “on the cheap.” A coat of paint and a new $16 sink from the Habitat for Humanity store was all this needed for now.

To be transparent (and to help out anyone else who may make this same mistake), my $16 sink ended up costing me $61 because I did not match the sink to the existing plumbing. I assumed it would fit on the existing pedestal. It didn’t. I also assumed the drain coming out of the sink I bought would match what was coming out of the wall. It didn’t. After spending $45 at Lowe’s we finally got it in.



So for about $75 I got a tiny bathroom I can live with until a major renovation is done here.

What have we learned? Check all fixtures to make sure they’ll fit with existing plumbing before you make a purchase, make sure your “little” project doesn’t turn into something that will take two trips to Lowe’s, and at least an hour for your husband to avoid the inevitable “I told you so.”

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Nancy bradley

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