Bathroom remodel: Done!

Naturally this took much longer than I thought it would and cost double what I was hoping to spend. For those interested in the cost breakdown (and not just the pictures) most of the cost was labor. And it goes like this:

Tile and drywall labor: $2800.

Electrical labor: $480

Building supplies like drywall, plumbing parts etc. AKA all the boring stuff: $1550

Vanity: $699

Tile: $550

Fixtures: $495

Shower door: $200 (this was only because Home Depot messed up the order and we received a healthy credit and an extra door)

Toilet: $200

Total: Approximately $7000

This is a fairly large bathroom which could accommodate both a tub and shower after we tore out the enormous linen closet. Once we decided to tear out the closet, the layout was set, adjusted and adjusted again to help minimize the cost of moving the plumbing around. The tile was purchased over a year ago and then once we got started I changed my mind, I got about 75% of the cost back by selling it on Facebook and I am so pleased I went with my gut because the tile floor is probably my favorite thing in this bathroom. Like the tile, the clawfoot tub was purchased a long time ago and has sat in the garage waiting for its time to come. Ditto on the vintage medicine cabinets (that I found at the Restore) and ceiling light fixture (that I found online). Most of the design came together just as I had envisioned with the exception of wallpaper. I had wanted to do an “homage” to the pink bathroom by installing a large pink graphic wallpaper, but once I got the first sheet up, I realized it wasn’t going to work. (I was heartbroken but I will be using this wallpaper in the downstairs bathroom) The next step was to find a paint color which is usually super easy for me but I couldn’t shake the wallpaper idea so it took awhile to come around to the right paint color. I went with a historic paint color from Sherwin Williams called Downing Slate and I am pretty pleased with the result.

Here are some before pics:

One side with shower and vanity
Other side where there is a large linen closet hiding the toilet

Here is the progression of the shower build, this seemed painstakingly slow but I’m pretty impatient.

Our bathroom now feels spacious and luxurious but still fits in with the style of the home. I had to compromise on the size of the shower because of budgetary restraints and supply chain issues. Same goes for the size of the vanity but in the end it is perfect for us.

Nancy Bradley photo

Nancy bradley

I consult, design, and remodel spaces that reflect the homeowner’s lifestyle and budget by getting the cost question out of the way and really listening to what my client wants and how much they have set aside for their project.

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  1. I love how this turned out! It’s classy and beautiful and totally fits the house. Great job Nancy! The ceiling light fixture is super cool.

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