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Woman's hands making bed

Bed Linens???

I thought I would post this little article on bed linens because apparently I am way behind the times. On a recent … Read more

Unfinished projects

This is a great article, from where else… I even fall into this trap sometimes. Getting started is easy, getting finished is … Read more

Focal point, not focal points

I have recently been working with a couple clients that have newer homes. Newer homes tend to have open floor plans, some … Read more

Master Bedroom Project

I always have a project going on at home. For the past few weeks I’ve been working on our master bedroom renovation. … Read more

Here we go again……

Top trends coming at you from one of my favorite sources, As usual, take this with a grain of salt. But … Read more

Porch Politics

No, not that kind of politics. (Thank God.) I have been working on our front porch for nearly a year now. First … Read more

Home Organizing tips…ewww

This is the worst subject to tackle, mostly because it involves work. Staying organized is not easy no matter what the bloggers … Read more

Design Trends 2021

2020 was a helluva year! I cannot count the ways the events of 2020 impacted our lives. But I am here to … Read more

White is a color!

I used to struggle with white. I loved bold color so much, I found myself steering away from white for years. But … Read more

Photo of shower for inspiration

Master bath choices

It used to be that your master bath HAD to have a tub, it was a necessity, and if you had the … Read more

Trends, tricks and treats

I read a lot of renovation, remodeling, and home improvement articles. I inevitably find  things I LOVE and ideas that make me … Read more

Just another rehab project

This little table already had a beautiful top. Who doesn’t love Italian marble? But the dark wood base dated this piece and … Read more

Bungalow cottage in New Bern, NC

This little house!

This little bungalow was purchased by my sister so it was a labor of love for me. It was already an adorable … Read more