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This just in!

White kitchens are on the way out. This article from Zillow listed white kitchens as the number 1 thing that may not … Read more

Tiny house complete

From old, dilapidated and desperately in need of an update to cool, retro and better than ever. I was going to try … Read more

More color info…

Better Homes and Gardens picks 6 “go-to” paint colors. Everyone has an opinion but in this case, three of the colors that … Read more


Sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right. More on the Smurf house and the process involved when trying to … Read more

The Struggle is Real

Here is an update on our Smurf house In the last post I gave a brief synopsis of the issues we have … Read more

Flipping a Home

Not as easy as it looks on TV. You may have noticed that it’s been a minute since I posted. Well, at … Read more

Home Tech

Since I didn’t find what I was looking for at the Idea House, I decided to look up new tech for the … Read more

Home Tour

I just toured the Southern Living Idea House in River Dunes, NC and I gotta say…..well maybe I shouldn’t say anything. But … Read more

Exterior House Colors

It’s kind of a big deal The exterior color of your house says a lot about you. It is the very first … Read more

2023 Color of the Year

Color of the Year…….Really????? Once again I just received one of the many emails touting the next “Color of the Year.” It … Read more

It’s the little things

Plans can change. Make sure the puzzle pieces still fit when they do. I am in the process of remodeling a kitchen. … Read more

Small Bathroom Remodel

I just finished remodeling a tiny bathroom for a client in a small bungalow. This would be pretty easy because it is … Read more

Another Small Kitchen

Sometimes a client calls for one thing and we end up going in a whole new direction That was the case with … Read more

New Home Mistakes

Or maybe they are “happy accidents.” This article from really breaks down why a designer is your best friend when moving … Read more

Art is my passion…..

And I try to include artwork of all kinds in my designs. Many people assume that original artwork is only for “rich … Read more

Budget Kitchen Remodel

Regardless of whether you want to spend $1,000 or $1 million, everyone has a budget. I specialize in budget friendly and often … Read more

Home Staging

Don’t get put off by the title of this article. It explains the home selling, and particularly the home staging process, perfectly … Read more