Custom furniture

Below is a cube table Shawn built for a client in New Bern. We frequently have  clients that see something in a magazine or in a store and want it replicated with some slight changes. Oftentimes, they don’t understand that these “slight” changes make it a “custom” piece which comes with a custom price tag. This was not the case with this particular client as she is used to having furniture made and that you have to pay a premium if you want it specific to your needs.

She needed side tables. We saw a couple on an antique auction website that were beautiful but not the right size. She was very specific and wanted them the height of the sofa arm but could only be a certain width to stay within the confines of the space. We were glad to oblige!

This little beauty weighs a ton and took both of us to move it, even with a hand truck! But we think it came out gorgeous. Eucalyptus wood stained ebony with copper inlaid into the cracks and then given a verdigris patina. I really wanted to keep it for myself!

Now, if you have champagne taste on a beer budget you can sometimes purchase a stock piece and then re-work it to suit your needs. People do it all the time with varying degrees of success, (just check out IKEA hacks on Pinterest!) but don’t expect it to have the lasting quality of a custom piece.

On the other hand, I fully advocate taking an antique or just older piece of furniture and giving it a new life, just make sure you are starting with a well-built item. Upcycling is a great way to keep cost down while still getting something semi-custom and the bonus is you are being environmentally friendly!

Nancy Bradley photo

Nancy bradley

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