Getting a few small projects done around the house

After we got the house painted I wanted a new front door, not just because our door is warped or because our lovely Lola keeps jumping on our painted door (she lives to scare the mailman half to death) and chipping away the paint, as evidenced below, but because I was longing for a wood stained door to go with our new blue paint job.

This front door was started, months ago but life and our tiny house project got in the way so about a year later I am finally getting my new door and I LOVE it! Doors are not easy, you really need to know what you are doing to install one. They are also pretty expensive, especially when you have to custom order one because it is not a standard size, (ours is 84″ tall not the standard 80″) so I was willing to wait for Shawn to get around to it so we could save about $1000.

He had this beautiful wood (sweet gum)and we ordered beveled glass online . Then it was time to pick the hardware, I went with matte black to go with the black lighting on the front porch. Then Shawn ordered the fanciest weather stripping he could find so the cost of just the glass and hardware came to almost $1000, my bargain was not feeling like a bargain anymore. But the result of his hard work and expertise is worth it.

And if you were wondering what the old door looked like in comparison, here are a few photos.

I swear if Lola even goes near this door it will kill her (not really).

Nancy Bradley photo

Nancy bradley

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