Home Organizing tips…ewww

This is the worst subject to tackle, mostly because it involves work. Staying organized is not easy no matter what the bloggers say (me being the exception). It requires constant monitoring and/or a schedule that allows for the weekly “clean-up” to occur.

Like I said, ewww, nothing is worse than talking about chores. This Real Simple article gives super-obvious tips on how to stay ahead of the game. Although these tips are obvious, that doesn’t make them easy. You have to develop a habit of doing them, and that’s the hard part. I’m a bit OCD so walking around the house at midnight after everyone has gone to bed, picking up shoes, doing the last few dishes in the sink, and shutting off all lights, is my nightly routine. But for those who don’t suffer from this disease, I would suggest, tackling them one at a time.

My favorite is the “one in, one out” rule. I started this many years ago with my daughter, one toy in one toy out for donation. I’ll be honest, I don’t follow this rule so well with my business buying but it works really well to keep my clothes closet unstuffed. I don’t buy clothes without getting rid of some unwanted items.

So here you go, have at it. Spring is coming which is always a good time to start clean with a new resolution and this is better than a diet, although it is like a diet for your home. Better it, than me!

(Below, just a small sampling of some of the “stuff” I am getting rid of. January isn’t the best time of year to have a yard sale but after parting with all these items, some sold, some donated, I am feeling lighter already!)

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