I hoard design magazines!

There, I said it! As a rule I clean up and clean out almost weekly, throwing things away and generally getting rid of anything and everything that I deem unworthy of precious space in my home.

There are 2 exceptions to this:  fabric (which I adore) and design magazines, that I justify by telling myself I am a designer and these are necessary.

Well, they are not that necessary in our digital world but I just love the feeling I get when I find one in my mailbox and also when I find the time to curl up with a glass of wine and read it cover to cover.

As I was reading Elle Decor today, albeit without the wine, I found a quote that I feel the need to pass along.

“Design is a reflection of who we are at any given moment in time” – Whitney Robinson

The thing I love about this quote is that it says that design is fluid. It is not a “one-and-done” event. It changes as we change. It changes as we move through our lives from home to home, year to year, from life event to life event. You wouldn’t wear the same clothes that you wore in high school today. Or God forbid, the same clothes that you wore in the ’80s!

Why should you surround yourself with furnishings and design from years past? Feel free to change things! It doesn’t mean you got it wrong; it just means you are in need of a change because YOU have changed. Go ahead, do it!

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Nancy bradley

I consult, design, and remodel spaces that reflect the homeowner’s lifestyle and budget by getting the cost question out of the way and really listening to what my client wants and how much they have set aside for their project.