Just a little side project – cedar chest

I acquired this cedar chest from my sister, who got it from my mother, who got it from my Godmother. It looked like hell and was scratched, weathered (and not in a good way), and just a bit beat up.

Just the way I like it!

It had great lines and a MCM look with its small tapered legs and brass hardware.

I sanded it down (it took a lot of sanding to get those scratches out), and then gave it a coat of semi-gloss on the box. Stained the top and legs to give the wood a rich tone, cleaned the old hardware and voila’, good as new.

Except for one thing – somewhere along the way one of the 3 handles got lost. So if any eagle-eyed readers comes across a small brass handle with a 1-1/2 ” bore just like this one, let me know!

Nancy Bradley photo

Nancy bradley

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