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After a busy holiday season, I was happy to take an evening out to snap a few photos, one of my favorite things to do. These were taken on a foggy evening and they are unfiltered.

I love to decorate with photos, and whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur having fun, photos can be an inexpensive and personal touch to any decor. Professional photo art can also be a cheaper alternative to painted works of art and can be found anywhere.

I have decorated with family photos over the years and if there is one tip I can give it would be DON’T OVERDO IT. A little goes a long way. Keep the photos grouped on one wall and have one theme that ties them all together. That can be anything from all black-and-white photos to all the same subject matter or all framed the same. Below I did a group of close-ups of my daughter on one wall in my home. I had them printed as 8x10s, matted all of them in white, and framed them in plain silver frames.

I also like to do “vintage photos.” I had a grouping of 12 black-and-white vintage photos of family in my dining room. Again, all enlarged to the same size, matted, and framed in black frames. Not only was it a focal point but it was also a great conversation starter.

And who hasn’t taken a landscape or nature photo that they are really proud of? We all have that one photo we just love….why not blow it up and frame it. Again, I can’t say it enough, it’s a cheap way to decorate and show off your skills at the same time. You can save one wall for these photos and the best thing is you can change it out whenever you want. Sometimes when I have changed the color of a room and just want to add a little artwork, I take a floral photo and insert it in the room.

Finally, I love to take travel photos. Many of these end up in photo books but occasionally the photos are good enough to display. After a trip to New York City I displayed 10 of the photos on a chair rail around my kitchen eat-in area. The photo below was from my trip to New Orleans and I just love it.

If you’re not a photographer but like the idea of decorating with photos you can find local artists at craft fairs, art shows, or even farmers markets. Online art galleries are another option but you will pay for shipping (and increase your carbon footprint) so I encourage shopping local!

If you like anything you see here and want advice or maybe a photo, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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