Staging a child’s room

This was staging a child’s room for a home seller. My main priority was to make the room look bigger. Currently the bed was centered on a wall and that ate up a lot of floor. I also had to fit in a desk, a large dresser, a small dresser, a bookcase, and two small tables lining the walls. PLUS 4 shelves on one wall and 2 shelves on another. Who knew 9-year-olds needed so much stuff!

Obviously, I did not clean up for the “before” shots, but you get the idea.

I repainted the room to get rid of the striping,(one of those things that was taste specific), moved the bed against the wall to create more floor space and give the illusion the room is bigger, and edited some furniture and shelves. While I was at it, I changed out bedding and curtains.

I took out a small table and 3 shelves to make it look less cluttered. I also moved her clothes dresser into the closet, a little trick to gain more room.

Nancy Bradley photo

Nancy bradley

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