What I’m watching while in isolation

Just like everyone else I am “sheltering in place” and practicing “social distancing” because we are in the midst of a “pandemic” and navigating “uncharted territory.” That was me getting all the new-world verbiage out of the way…

My new world consists of helping my daughter with 9th grade math, begging this same child to come out of her room and practice dance like her teachers have requested, getting online, being bounced off the internet and then calling my internet provider just to be placed on hold for hours (no joke) and baking. Needless to say, I will be a stressed-out, 600-pound math wiz when all this is over.

When I am not doing all the aforementi0ned, I am taking in some HGTV. First, let me tell you I had gotten a little bit bored and annoyed with HGTV over the past few years. I mean, I can only take so much Property Brothers and Fixer Upper re-runs. It seemed like everything was so formulaic and I’ll say it again, boring. I wasn’t expecting much when I tuned back in for the first time in many months, but I was pleasantly surprised. They have a few new shows and some interesting people. I’m not saying they have flipped it upside down, they still follow a tried-and-true concept, but the people are a bit more real and colorful and aren’t doing the same old, same old.

I found Fixer to Fabulous, Unsellable Houses, and Windy City Rehab to be a few of my favorites, and I am really looking forward to Selling the Big Easy because, come on!, those homes are crazy gorgeous!

On Fixer to Fabulous Dave and Jenny are real. He is adorable and she looks just a bit uncomfortable, which I like, makes me feel like she could be my neighbor. They are definitely the replacement for Chip and Joanna but without the kids, at least so far, and I hope they don’t drag them into it. (I know, I know…..but I don’t care, I am here for the house not the kids no matter how cute they are.)

Unsellable Houses has Leslie and Lyndsay, the new twins of the network but they are not too cutesie. and they are in a booming, albeit expensive, market with real issues, not made-up scenarios. At least it looks that way to me. And anyone who tells a client to take all the family photos off the wall because “no one wants your kids” gets my vote.

Windy City Rehab may be my favorite, and I know it’s not that new but it’s new to me. Alison is a total b$%&*, and I like that. She is a business woman and she gets frustrated and sometimes she gets pissed at her partner, all good TV in my book. Plus, she is a great designer, best of the bunch if you ask me.

I am going to go out on a limb and say I will probably get bored of all these soon enough, but for right now they are a great distraction and I can’t wait to see Selling the Big Easy because the houses look spectacular and as long as the host, star, whatever you call these people, is decent I will tune in!

Quick PS – HGTV, I beg of you, STOP showing reruns of Love It or List It for God’s sake!


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