2023 Color of the Year

Color of the Year…….Really?????

Once again I just received one of the many emails touting the next “Color of the Year.” It used to be that only Pantone released the color of the year but now it seems everyone is in on the action and I, for one, wish they would knock it off.

Sherwin Williams is who sent me the most recent email. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Sherwin Williams paint fine enough, but I wish they would just supply the paint and not the color advice. At the risk of really ticking off a few people who may love this color, I am going on record as saying YUCK.

It’s being called a “nourishing hue” and the “new neutral.” I do know that color is an extremely personal choice, and again, I know that there will be some people that think I am completely wrong, but, hey, it’s my blog and I get to give my opinion. And my opinion is that: of all the colors in the spectrum, the best you could come up with is the color of a barren desert after a drenching monsoon? And what is with that name? I have no idea what that means????

On the plus side, it is definitely a warm tone, which means we are finally moving away from gray. Gray has been so dominant over the past 10 years that any warm color can seem odd and out of place. And whether I like this color or not, at least it is pushing the boundaries.

So here is hoping that the next paint vendor to jump into the Color of the Year game doesn’t get their inspiration from a cat food bowl.

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