Exterior House Colors

It’s kind of a big deal

The exterior color of your house says a lot about you. It is the very first thing people see when they are invited over. It can welcome people in, it can set the mood, it can scare away kids on Halloween, you name it……it can do all that and more.

It is also a very personal choice that many people labor over. Not just for all the reasons above but also because it is typically a very costly endeavor. When we moved into our home I wanted to change the color immediately but I wanted to “live with it” for awhile before I decided on the overall color scheme as well as where the color would go. For some houses it’s easy, the architecture almost dictates what should be painted what. For other homes it can be a little tricky (think Victorian home with all that ornate trim!). My home was not particularly difficult but I did have some options and I think I came up with the perfect formula, at least perfect for us.

This was our home before: (appropriate Halloween photo)

And this is after:

Gone is the tired siding with hardly any paint left on it, replaced by a rich blue. The brick columns and trim got a fresh coat of bright white and the aluminum storm windows were removed.

Now, if you are the kind of person who is scared of color and afraid to make a mistake there are many apps and paint websites out there that allow you to upload a photo and then overlay different colors so you can see before you paint. Take advantage of this technology but also get yourself a few samples to paint right on your home because lighting, and the direction your home faces will make colors look different. Take a couple days to decide and look at it at all times during the day, and then jump right in!

Nancy Bradley photo

Nancy bradley

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