Budget Kitchen Remodel

Regardless of whether you want to spend $1,000 or $1 million, everyone has a budget. I specialize in budget friendly and often that means stretching a dollar until it’s just about to break. It also means making sure clients are spending money in the right areas.

This part is really important, because as a designer, I can help you manage the allocation of funds, sometimes moving money from one area to another to ensure you get the results you want while staying within budget.

For instance, in my own bathroom, the labor cost ballooned because we hired a tiler instead of doing some of the tiling ourselves. Because of that unexpected expense (and let’s face it, there is always an”unexpected” cost) I had to get creative in other areas of the project. Buying some items from flea markets and shopping online for bargains helped to offset that cost.

The project I just finished was a small kitchen, the budget was around 10k-15K. We decided we could improve functionality and update the look and feel of the kitchen and still keep the same layout. The best way to keep the budget in line is to keep the same footprint so that plumbing does not need to be moved, thus keeping labor costs down.

The cabinets were older so installing new cabinets with more storage area and better functioning updates, like pullouts, helped to make this kitchen work for the client.

Cost for new cabinets: Approx $5k

Cost for cabinet installation: Approx $2200

Because we were adding a pantry to give her much needed storage there was some construction that needed to happen which added a little to the overall cost.

We also decided on granite countertops and although we ultimately went with a less expensive grade granite the client decided to spend a little extra to have it honed which elevated the design and gave the kitchen a truly custom look.

Cost for countertops: Approx $3k

Because the granite was a bit more than expected I wanted to save on backsplash tile without compromising the design. This required a lot of shopping around! We knew we wanted a custom design for behind the range but that didn’t mean we needed to spend a fortune. There are so many tile options out there, if you just take your time, shop around and sometimes wait for a sale, you can get exactly what you want for less than you expect. I was also able to negotiate the labor cost and in the end saved $200.

Cost for tile: Approx $675

Cost for installation of tile: $500

There were additional charges for electrical work, new lighting, new vent hood, banquette seating and kitchen table. Again shopping around, finding items online, on sale and negotiating labor costs saved us a lot.

Cost for extras: Approx $1650

There were also so bumps in the road, the construction in the very beginning did not go quite as planned and there was an additional cost incurred to “fix” some painting. Again I worked with someone I know to get the best price on the fix but it was still an additional cost. There was also an issue with the tile person who did the backsplash. There was grout left on the new honed countertops that was impossible to remove and in the end we were advised to leave it. It was still a mishap that should have never happened, which proves that even the best contractors can make a mistake.

Lastly there was a major electrical issue that almost gave me heart failure. Although issues arise in every project, these were stressful and potentially dangerous. Thankfully, they were all resolved and the kitchen looks beautiful. We still have a couple items to replace; a kitchen door among the first, but it is mostly done and functioning for the client.

Small changes to the layout=big changes to functionality and smart design choices elevated this kitchen’s look and feel making the homeowner feel happy every time she walks into it.

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Nancy bradley

I consult, design, and remodel spaces that reflect the homeowner’s lifestyle and budget by getting the cost question out of the way and really listening to what my client wants and how much they have set aside for their project.