Bathrooms are troublesome

Even a little $40 project can turn into a headache!

If you’ve been following along you know that I put wallpaper in my little bathroom downstairs. The floor is 12X12 linoleum tiles from the 60’s and since they are popping up I thought I would lay something new, just until we can really tackle this properly. (Possibly a big mistake)

After I started, the evidence was clear that there was water damage. So now I’m sure you are thinking: “of course there is”. If you aren’t thinking that, I am here to tell you 75% of the time there is water damage somewhere in the bathroom, so once you decide you are going to renovate, save at least 10% of your budget to address this later. One of the usual suspects is the toilet. Yes, that dirty little piece of porcelain is almost always the culprit and so was the case in my bathroom. Right down to the subfloor, this damage was going to take more than my expertise to fix.

Now again, if you follow along, you know that didn’t stop me. I forged ahead pulling up all the old tile except in the immediate area of the toilet and replaced it with my new box of “peel and stick” tiles. When my “more handy” half comes home he will be thrilled that he needs to remove the toilet and possibly lay new subfloor so I can finish the job, but after 30 years of marriage and renovations he will not be surprised.

Here is the before and after (not quite done but done enough for a photo)

Can you see the water damage?

Nancy Bradley photo

Nancy bradley

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