Demo Day!

Pulling up the carpet and pulling out the cabinets went quickly, really quickly! Just a couple hours. We got a bit stalled when we started to take down the wall. Strange construction practices stopped Shawn dead in his tracks when he could not figure out why two beams were “sistered up” and he was concerned the wall we were sure was not load bearing may in fact be just that.

After some additional inspection he moved forward (a little gingerly) and took out the 2x4s and assessed the situation. The soffit also came down and the duct work was deemed unsalvageable. Moral of the story is you have to be prepared for unforeseen craziness when pulling down walls in an old home. I have yet to pull down a wall and have everything go perfectly. And here are the pics to prove it.

Cleared out and ready for us!

After Shawn was through.

And now you can see straight through from back to front.

Nancy Bradley photo

Nancy bradley

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