Small changes, big design payoff

This is an addendum to my drapery post. If you saw the last post then you know I was working on a drapery project. The pictures below show the before and after and it illustrates what a difference small changes can make. It doesn’t take a fortune or a lot of time to transform a room……cut to my daughter who said to me just last month, “Are we going to paint the whole room? In a day?????” The answer was yes, and it got done.

But seriously, changing draperies, moving around furniture, changing a light fixture or, yes, even painting a room are all small changes that not only can transform a room, they can make you feel good.

Here is Becky’s sitting room before:

And after adding draperies, artwork, and a high top table in the corner.

So in keeping with the “small” theme, I will keep this short. If you hate that room or just hate that corner of the room, change it. It will not take as long as you think and if you are really stumped, call a designer.

On a side note, I used magnetic cafe rods to hold up the curtains on the French doors. I didn’t want to drill holes in the doors or damage them in any way and I found these magnetic rods at Big Lots of all places. I was a bit skeptical at first but they worked perfectly. I love it when you find a great product that makes your life easier!

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Nancy bradley

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  1. You truly have a decorator’s magic wand. Love your use of patterns – I’ve always been afraid to use them until you transformed my bedroom.

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