2017 Design trends

There are probably as many “design trends” as there are designers willing to talk about them. If you are searching for a new style or inspiration and trends matter to you, then I would choose a designer first and then find out what trends they are inspired by.

I just read an article in which the designer said  a toned-down palette is the Number 1 trend. The Number 2 trend was an eclectic room with a myriad of textures and color. What? Sounds opposite, doesn’t it?

Trends come and go so do what you like whether it is trendy or not. Most people do not change their decor every year, they live in a space for years changing little things here and there as time goes by, so trends are of little significance.

I read about what is trending in the design world so that I am educated on what is new and and fashionable but it influences my basic style very little. That is not to say that I haven’t advised clients on this seasons paint color, new style of countertop, or latest furniture style. I have even incorporated some trends into my own home, but I usually do it in small doses to keep a room current  so my space doesn’t look dated.

One trend this year that I am thrilled with is the re-emergence of large scale artwork. I am not embarrassed to say I find gallery walls a nightmare. I have incorporated them in my designs but it is a lot of work and just doesn’t pack the punch of one really large piece of artwork hung on a focal wall. These large pieces grab your attention when you walk in a room and really make a statement.

I have written before that artwork does not have to be expensive. Whether you do it yourself, shop local artists, or display your own kids’ artwork, there are a lot of ways to “go big” without a big price tag. Find original art by visiting 16 Online Sources Perfect for The Art Lover on a Budget. Grab a cup of tea, cocoa, or coffee and enjoy browsing!

The best part is the prices range from a couple hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. So if you are inclined to jump on a trend and want to purchase a large piece of art, GO FOR IT! Art enhances our lives and makes us smile. We can all use a smile when we walk in our home.


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